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Well. It's safe to say it has been like 7 solid years since I updated the most intimidating part of a website... The 'about me' section. . . Where do I begin?! I'm a freaking mom now. Trav daddy and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy of an adventure March of 2023. GAME CHANGER! It has been such a beautiful and HUMBLING journey. SO, here we are - long story not so short, once again based out of the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania, trying to be my most PRESENT-self.

It seems like everyone now a days is the "wild and free, let's take a hike and have some coffee" type. - Oh wait, that was me! I spent the last decade chasing snow and adventure, living life wondering what was next! Don't get me wrong, this lady is up for anything the universe has in store, but I am starting to feel rooted for the first time ever in my life. I want to dive into growing with my clients over the next 10 years. I love traveling and exploring, but I have a kid now, and a senior citizen dog, it's just not as easy to commit to some things, plain and simple.

So, I've ditched the 'wild & free elopement adventure' approach and am hoping to provide more rooted, thoughtful and patience experiences closer to my current home in the beautiful Appalachian Mountain area. I will still encourage you to ditch the traditional aspects of family and wedding photography throughout this journey and hope I can win you over with love and trust and be a part of all of your special moments today and tomorrow.

I believe in putting the cell phone down and enjoying life's precious moments firsthand. I believe some milestones are more significant than others in people lives and that's where I come in. To allow you and your loved ones time to enjoy something special knowing someone is truly capturing the candid moments and will keep a good conversation going with literally anyone around.

I'm learning to approach life with as much patience and grace these days and to remain as authentic and present as possible... I am a professional photographer not a professional photoshopper. I want to interfere as little as possible with the natural flow of your life and capture the REAL with a tasteful amount of direction!

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P.S I recently cut my hair because, well, my kid loves to pull it! And my postpartum hair was nuts! It will take some time to grow back but I'll always be your favorite french braided, keychain wearin, coffee drinkin, black bean eattin, photog friend!

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